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Exercise - Continuous Writing

Exercise 1

Based on the video below, write an essay of not more than 350 words.
(Don't forget to include your title)

Exercise 2

Choose any one of the topic below and write your essay not more than 350 words.

1) My family
2) Water Pollution
3) Air Pollution
4) Computer brings harm to our lives. Discuss.
5) Mobile phone is a must in our lives. Discuss.
6) An unforgettable memory.
7) The most precious moment in my life.
8) The person I admire most in my life.
9) Write your essay with the beginning "I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen..."
10) Write your essay ending with "I was glad that I listened to my mother."
11) Peer pressure and how to handle it. 

Send your answers to: smilestar01@gmail.com